Le vocabulaire de l'année de césure

Bienvenue sur À cours d'anglais, voici le vocabulaire de l'année de césure :

Voici du vocabulaire en anglais lié à l'année de césure (gap year) :


1. Gap year: A year-long break typically taken by students between high school and college or during college to travel, work, volunteer, or gain experiences before continuing their education.


2. Travel abroad: To journey to foreign countries during the gap year to explore new cultures, learn languages, and gain global experiences.


3. Volunteer work: Unpaid work done for charitable or non-profit organizations during the gap year to contribute to social causes and make a positive impact.


4. Internship: A period of work experience, often paid, that provides practical training and exposure to a particular industry or profession.


5. Work experience: Practical experience gained from working in various jobs or industries during the gap year, which can enhance one's skills and knowledge.


6. Language immersion: A program or experience where individuals are fully immersed in a foreign language environment to improve their language skills.


7. Cultural exchange: Engaging in activities that promote understanding and appreciation of different cultures and traditions during the gap year.


8. Adventure travel: Engaging in adventurous activities such as hiking, trekking, or exploring remote areas during the gap year for personal growth and excitement.


9. Skill development: Activities focused on learning new skills or improving existing ones, such as learning to cook, acquiring photography skills, or taking music lessons.


10. Self-discovery: The process of exploring one's interests, passions, strengths, and weaknesses during the gap year to gain a deeper understanding of oneself.


11. Budgeting: Managing financial resources effectively during the gap year to ensure a balance between expenses and experiences.


12. Gap year program: Organized programs or initiatives that offer structured experiences such as volunteering abroad, cultural exchanges, or academic enrichment during the gap year.


13. Career exploration: Using the gap year to explore different career paths, gain insights into various industries, and make informed decisions about future career goals.


14. Personal growth: The development of skills, knowledge, and maturity through experiences and challenges faced during the gap year, leading to personal growth and self-improvement.


15. Gap year advisor/counselor: A professional or mentor who provides guidance, support, and resources to individuals planning their gap year experiences.